Utah House of Representatives Speaker Greg Hughes has stepped down from his position on the Prison Relocation Commission. Representative Francis Gibson has replaced him.

“Due to the increasing demands on my schedule, I have decided it would be better to appoint someone else to take my position on the Prison Relocation Commission,” Speaker Hughes said.

“I remain committed to improving our justice system and the work of this commission is critical to that effort,” Speaker Hughes said. “I’m confident that the PRC will continue this process and make a decision that will be in the best interest of the people of the state of Utah.

Rep. Gibson explains he’s new to the PRC process but has been closely involved in other key policy decisions and looks forward to getting up to speed quickly.

Rep. Gibson has been a Health Care Administrator for over 16 years. He was elected to serve in the Utah House of Representatives in 2008, where he is currently Majority Whip. He serves on the Executive Appropriations and Public Education Subcommittees, in addition to the Education Committee.