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As your next governor, I will be focused on fighting back against federal encroachment in our education system. Additionally, I will consistently work to evaluate and develop policy solutions that lead to increased parental involvement and choice, better education delivery, a better economy to fund education and solutions on how to best use those dollars. 

I will also use my bully pulpit and influence to encourage Utah to get out of Common Core and look at ways of rejecting federal funding that comes with strings attached. It is time that the federal government get out of public education and as a state we can lead that effort by example.  

 While we all have our parts to play when it comes to our public education system, it is important to understand the Utah Constitution and its intent as it relates to the proper roles we each play in government.  

Utah Constitution Article X, Section 3 states: “The general control and supervision of the public education system shall be vested in a State Board of Education.”

The Utah State Board of Education is a firewall which protects our students from the overreach of the federal government. They, and they alone, set the standards to which our educators teach. They can choose to adopt the same standards of other states, or not.

The members of the State Board are solely responsible for determining those standards for Utah schoolchildren, and they are answerable to their constituents.

The legislature appropriates funds for public education. They provide the resources and have the responsibility to see that those dollars are being spent wisely.