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“Our Governor and Lt. Governor can’t close our state borders and let local governments suspend our rights. It’s easy for people with guaranteed government paychecks to tell us that we need to keep this economy closed indefinitely.”

– Greg Hughes

Dr. Mike Kennedy

“Greg Hughes is the leader in this race that will bring common sense solutions and a willingness to make tough choices that will help us quickly recover from this crisis.”

Say NO to an avoidable economic depression.

Reopen Businesses Cautiously, but Quickly
  • Allow responsible businesses to reopen immediately.
  • Encourage high-risk populations to stay quarantined.
  • Maintain social distancing and excellent hygiene.
  • Cut the red tape and test safe treatments and vaccines.
Protect Our Constitutional Rights
  • Stop allowing indefinite and broad mandatory shutdowns.
  • Give people good information, but don’t take away their freedoms.
  • The Founders made no provision for indefinite suspension of our rights. 
  • A government-mandated market collapse is the road to socialism.
Government Relief can NEVER Replace the Private Economy
  • We may lose 25% of our GDP – or nearly $5 trillion.
  • A $2.2 trillion relief package won’t even cover that current damage.
  • The only way forward is to reignite the free market.
  • No public health solution is viable that leaves families in a depression.