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We need to make sure that there are jobs and opportunities for Utahns throughout the state, not just along the Wasatch Front. The Inland Port, an idea contemplated and planned for since at least the 1970s, can provide such an opportunity for those in resource-rich areas of Utah. Due to massive backlogs at many coastal ports around the world, inland ports are being built. Vision and foresight will enable us to begin to build the necessary rail spurs and other infrastructure for a system of U.S. Customs Bonded inland ports throughout the entire state of Utah. 


Along the western coast, from Long Beach to Seattle, all transportation that pulls cargo from those ports travels through Utah, whether it be by train or truck. Salt Lake City is finishing up a complete airport rebuild and we have rail, road and air capabilities second to none. Ports draw development around them as well, from warehouse space to manufacturing and production. Everything that we currently export from this state, and more, could easily go through a system of inland ports.