Economic Development and Jobs

“…Based on your philosophies and your voting record, you are a positive and proactive voice on behalf of Utah’s small businesses.”
-National Federation of Independent Business/Utah SAFE trust


Free enterprise has created more jobs and improved the quality of life more than any UN, US, state or local program or tax combined.


In this country, we believe in and fight for equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. We should spend our best efforts keeping government out of the way of those trying to work and build businesses, and allow them the opportunity to achieve and grow without unnecessary government intervention.


Ronald Reagan once said, “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” This is not the way to build a dynamic economy that can provide well for the needs of a growing, innovative populace.


Utah has one of the most pro-business climates in the nation and has consistently found itself at or near the top of the list of the best states for doing business. As a lawmaker, I have tried to be very circumspect as I’ve made decisions regarding what legislation to oppose or support, in order to allow for the greatest expansion of free enterprise and continued economic mobility for the citizens of this state.


The prison sits on nearly 700 acres that would generate significant tax revenue when developed, as well as allow for a high-tech corridor from Draper to Lehi. In 2011 I sponsored legislation to further evaluate the relocation of the prison from Draper, and it was done in such a way that all of the stakeholders were brought together to study the issue in open meetings that could hopefully satisfy all concerns. In 2015 the Prison Relocation Commission completed its work and selected a new site for the State prison and that construction should begin taking place in 2016. Once the prison is moved the Point of the Mountain Development Commission will have developed a master plan for the best use of the Draper land in order to create more jobs and ensure we maintain our excellent quality of life.


Here in Utah, we have a film industry that is competing with other locations around the globe. I knew that we could be doing more to encourage the production of an even greater number of films and television shows in our state. As a result, I passed legislation that established a Motion Picture Incentive Fund which allows for partial rebates to the production companies for money spent in Utah.


I was the House sponsor of a bill which allows electronic payment companies, such as PayPal, to enjoy the same tax-friendly climate that many of our traditional financial institutions enjoy here in Utah.


I was instrumental in the relocation of the Aquarium from Sandy to Draper.