Throughout his legislative career, Greg Hughes has been a leader for education reform fighting for more local control, parental choice, charter schools and increased innovation in education delivery and education funding.

In Utah, we have large numbers of students and limited dollars for education. Because increased funding for education is dependent upon revenue collections, Greg worked hard to create a climate for businesses to thrive and high-paying jobs to be created. Through his efforts to reform our tax code by cutting taxes at historic levels, and by cutting burdensome regulations, Utah’s economy has become one of the best in the nation. Because of this, during his time as Speaker, Greg was able to increase education funding by adding $1.7 billion in new money for Utah schools.


  • Grew the economy to fund education

  • Increased education funding at historic levels $1.7 billion

  • Fought for more parental choice in education

  • Advocate of local control

  • Consistently pushed back against federal encroachment

  • Increased transparency

  • Strong record on education reform and supporting charter schools