Illegal immigration is . . . illegal. On the other hand, I want as many good, hardworking immigrants coming here legally as we can absorb.

As the owner of apartment buildings, I know that if I have a leaky roof that is causing my floor to warp, it doesn’t make sense for me to keep replacing the floor without first fixing the leak. The order in which the events occurs, matters.

The same is true with the problem of illegal immigration. We first need to stop the inflow of illegal immigration, while allowing more people to come here legally. I believe in high fences and wide gates. We can allow for more opportunity while still having the expectation that immigrants, as well as citizens, abide by our laws.

On the other hand, as a state legislator I don’t believe that I have the power to change immigration policy that should be determined on the federal level; consequently, I was the only member of House leadership to vote against the Utah Compact.