Despite unprecedented political pressure, Greg Hughes stood strong to defeat multiple attempts to expand Obamacare in Utah. Expanding Medicaid under Obamacare will make us more dependent on a fiscally irresponsible federal government. 40% of the money the State of Utah spends comes from a federal government that borrows 40% of its money. This is obviously an unsustainable model and sets us up for unnecessarily difficult decisions when the federal government pulls back. Medicaid is already gobbling up more and more of our state budget every single year, with no end in sight.

Pushing people into a program that is unaffordable, ineffective and still makes it difficult for them to get treated does not help the poor. This was never the right solutions to the problem, and nothing has changed to make it so. Utah can’t get pulled into the cycle of ever-expanding entitlement programs that are bankrupting our country.