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For far too long Washington DC has controlled the West – and I’ve had it. I’ve had enough of their mismanagement, I’ve had enough of them blocking our ability to responsibly manage OUR lands and I’ve had enough at their attempt at population control.

Over 65% of our state is controlled by the Federal government. 90% of Utah’s population lives on 1% of our ground. We are one of the fastest growing states in the nation yet we aren’t able to properly plan our infrastructure needs to support this growth, are limited in our efforts to expand commerce and we are restricted in our ability to fund our schools.



+ Sponsored the resolution calling on President Trump to Rescind the Bears Ears National Monument declaration. 

+ Worked with the Trump Administration on monument reductions. 

+ Stood with San Juan, Garfield and other rural counties in defending their local control.

+ Fought to compell the federal government to honor our statehood promise to transfer title to our public lands. 

+ Assembled and supported the Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands. 

+ Consistently pushed back against federal encroachment.



Why is it that 38 states have been recognized as sovereign, yet 12 states in the West remain under federal control? It represents the worst gerrymandering in the history of this country as those in DC seek to limit our representation and influence. And what do we get as a consolation prize? It is called PILT which is the acronym for Payment in Lieu of Taxes – in my mind, a more appropriate term would be Pennies in Lieu of Trillions. And speaking of trillions, I’m done listening to a dysfunctional Federal Government that is $19 trillion in debt and telling us they can manage ANYTHING better than we can. I have a message for them – in Utah we get things done and we will always manage EVERYTHING better than they do.