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The unalienable rights acknowledged and enumerated in the founding documents of this nation cannot be compromised, even by a seemingly munificent government claiming to be acting for the greater good. When a process of ever greater deprivations and abuses occur, enlarging the power of government and reducing the freedom of its Citizens, it is the duty of the People to object and to seek to lawfully but fiercely guard those rights for themselves and for future generations.


The COVID-19 state of emergency declared by the governor of the State of Utah has made clear that those in charge of our state government lack fundamental understanding of the rights of the People, as enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.


  • They have dictated to religious institutions the terms under which they may worship and have applied disparate requirements on them than on other organizations and activities, violating the 1st Amendment;

  • They have deprived individuals of their freedom of movement and assembly, violating the 1st Amendment;

  • They have threatened those who redress their grievances through peaceable disobedience with even further restrictions on liberties, violating the 1st Amendment;

  • They have encouraged Communist-style surveillance tip lines to report citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights, to have them stopped by the police, violating the 4th Amendment;

  • They have turned our smartphones into surveillance devices anywhere near the state borders, violating the 4th Amendment;

  • They have made it a crime to cross state borders freely, violating Article 4, Section 2 and Article 8, Section 1;

  • They have deprived businesses and employees of liberty and property without due process, violating the 5th Amendment;

  • They have taken away the right of the people to make their own decisions regarding health and risks, violating the 9th Amendment;

  • They have hand-picked which businesses and employees are deemed “essential” and which are not, violating the 14th Amendment;

  • They have geographically segmented the rights of our population to enter public land and parks, violating the 14th Amendment;


They have taken the following monarchical actions:

  • They gave freedom to local mayors to infringe on our rights as much as they wish, while restricting local mayors who tried to protect our rights;

  • They changed elections laws, including signature gathering rules, in the middle of an election cycle;

  • They gave millions of dollars in no-bid contracts;

  • They let criminals go free and riots last for hours without response, while making basic freedoms criminally punishable.


As a free People, with a right to petition the government for redress of grievances, we are seeking a very simple solution. Currently in Utah code, when a state of emergency is declared, our Second Amendment rights are explicitly protected. It has become clear that we need to do the same for our other rights contained within the Bill of Rights.


Please sign below to show your support for a law to require that in a state of emergency, the government can suggest and inform, but they cannot infringe on any of our rights contained within the first nine amendments of the Bill of Rights.

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