“The more he can do, the better he likes it. He’s made a positive difference for so many in our district and in the state – and our family.”

-Krista Hughes


“Greg has my support because he knows how to make good things happen for educators and students in Utah. He works tirelessly to ensure that teachers are supported, appreciated, and recognized. He speaks for Education.”

-Mary Bailey, former Principal of Corner Canyon High School 


“Greg has worked to make our city great and has represented our needs in the legislature in an amazing way.  He is fair-minded and fiscally conservative. He speaks for us.”

-Tami & Jay Minnick, Draper


Greg Hughes speaks for us. He always listens and is willing to lend a helping hand. He is accessible and always shows up for Draper.”

-Walt & Debbie Roseman, Draper


“Representative Greg Hughes has shown tremendous leadership by standing up to special interests and fighting for what is best for the residents of our state. As a physician, I know that the more government inserts itself into the healthcare of its citizens, the greater control it has over them and their lives.

The ACA sought to force states to expand Medicaid to able-bodied adults, many of whom already had private insurance. And the more dollars diverted to that population, the fewer available for people who are already on Medicaid – children, the elderly poor and the disabled.

I care about my patients and their ability to receive the care they need. I’m grateful that my representative, Rep. Greg Hughes, was willing to fight for me, for my patients and for all Utahns by standing up to the federal government as it has tried to insert itself into every aspect of our lives, including our healthcare.

I have confidence in Rep. Hughes’ ability to continue representing me and my neighbors well, and being willing to make the hard decisions that exemplify a true leader. He’s a representative who speaks for all of us.” 

-Kelly Myers, Draper


“Draper has improved a great deal since Rep. Greg Hughes took office. As Draper residents, we’d have to agree the changes have been for the better. Draper is considered on of the best places to live in America. Greg’s strong voice on the Hill is one of the key reasons Draper City’s relationship with state government has been so productive. Let’s keep him in the Legislature where he can continue to do us – and the state – a lot more good. Let’s keep him speaking for us.”

-Troy Walker, Mayor of Draper City


“As Speaker of the House, Greg Hughes has proven himself to be fair, balanced and able to create consensus out of the shuffle of our legislative process. He’s a trusted colleague and friend, whose heart is in the right place and whose results speak for themselves.”

-Wayne Niederhauser, President of the Utah State Senate