Free enterprise has created more jobs and improved the quality of life to a greater degree than any government agency, program or tax ever implemented, no matter how noble the intentions.

As our country has slowly emerged from a devastating recession, Utah’s economy has been one of the strongest. I believe that is because we left more money in the hands of the people who earned it, allowing them to spend and invest as they saw fit. This enabled the local economy to recover more quickly and with more strength than occurred in most other states.

Fiscal Year 2014 in Utah closed out with a $166 million revenue surplus, virtually unheard of nationally, and especially in those states that claim to help the people more through higher taxes and more onerous regulatory policies.

As for the effect of free-market economies throughout the world, The Economist has noted that between 1990 and 2010, nearly one billion people were pulled out of extreme poverty as a direct result of the growth that occurs within economies as they become more free.

“Most of the credit . . . must go to capitalism and free trade, for they enable economies to grow – and it was growth, principally, that has eased destitution.”

As your representative in the Utah State House, it is my mission to ensure that when we pass laws and debate legislation, that we are cognizant of our responsibility, first and foremost, to protect freedom and allow for opportunity. This is, truly, the greatest good.